Thursday, April 2, 2009


Our trip to California. Here is a picture of the thermometer at Bakersfield CA. As you can see it is 47 degree. That is amazing since it usually is way hotter.

Awww..... Oceanside beach. Such a wonderful place to be. The fresh smell of sea water and fresh air just calms the nerves. It is just a neat experience sitting on the beach taking in nature. Knowing that there is such mystery and undiscovered treasure out there is just fascinating.

The water was very cold but I couldn't keep her from going out. She absolutely loves California. She will be my little beach bumm.

Over all we had a wonderful trip. We looked at a couple of houses and decided to wait until the first part of August to move. Tiara needs to finish school so she isn't jumping around so much. She wishes we would leave sooner but we know what is best. Plus this will allow us to spend more time with family.