Friday, June 1, 2012

Baby Olliepop

The moment you have all been waiting for! Introducing my grandson Oliver! He is just a bundle of joy. He was born May 2, 2012. He was a whopping 10lbs 10ozs. And 22" long. Tiara had him through a c-section. I was extremely blessed to have been a part of it. She was very brave and has turned into a very good Mommy. He now weighs in at roughly 13lbs. Such a hungry boy.
Tiara recently started a job at Subway which gives me the opportunity to be his babysitter. I love spending morning cuddles with this "little" guy. I do not look forward to the day she leaves the house and moves out to be on her own. :(
Thank you Tiara for letting me into your life. I am so proud to call you daughter. Take care of that little man!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dustin Lewis

Here is my friend Dustin. He is the biggest goofball of us all. He is not afraid to "let his hair down" and have a good time. Like I mentioned before he will make you smile the minute he walks into the door. Now let me explain to you how we met.
It was a cold winter day.......HaHa just kidding. One Thursday while I was working at the lodge he came in to get a room for the weekend. He is in the Navy and works out on an island which means he is always looking for a quiet place to just get away during his time off. Well Charla living with me at the time was single. He's a cute guy so I said hey if you are not doing anything later tonight why don't you come by and have some drinks with us. Not thinking he would we went on with our night. To our surprise we heard a knock on the door. And guess who it was?? Yup Dustin. Since that day we have all been inseparable.  He actually lives with us on the weekends so that he has a home away from the island.
Dustin is the type of guy that can make you smile when you are having a bad day. He is a great shoulder to cry on and will listen when you just need to vent. Clint and I both are so happy to have him in our lives and know we would not be the same without him. Thanks Dustin for...Well... Being YOU! Love you Always! XOXO

Umm Where have I been?

Wow it has been such a long time since I last posted on my own blog. A lot has happened since I last wrote. I am now currently living in the wonderful state of California. In a city called Oceanside. I hate the fact that we have moved around as much as we have but am glad I am finally where I love to be. I am still married to the love of my life and as I will share with you more later I have a beautiful grandson named Oliver. But lets not rush things.
To start off I will tell you that I moved to California and worked at a little bed and breakfast in Julian. I loved the job which gave me lots of experience in the field but hated the demand and the fact that I rarely had a day off and when I did it was only for 8 hours and then I was required to be back at the lodge for the night. Don't get me wrong I am not trying to complain I loved my boss but she really was happy there.
During the time of working at the lodge I met a lot of good people whom I call friends. One friend is Dustin Lewis. He is the type of person that I feel like I have known all my life. He makes you smile just by walking through the door.
The other close friend I have is Charla Conrow and her boys. They moved here from Washington and are living with us which means there is never a dull moment in my house.
My daughter M'Mili moved back in with her mother and we are slowly starting to talk again. It is a long story but I am glad to see the progress of how things are going.
Tiara is also living with us for now. She is currently looking for a place to move into with a couple of her friends. That will be a sad day when she decides to leave since I really enjoy her being around. Especially having my morning snuggles with my little Ollipop.
So that is where I am at. So much has happened but that will be for a later time!