Sunday, February 8, 2009

What a weekend!

This picture is back in the good ol' days!
So I am officially classified as a horrible parent from my 15 year old daughter. We just added her to our T-Mobile account giving her a cell phone. Only rule is not to text during class. So what does she do? She texts during class and gets it taken away by the Vice Principle. She calls me and says that the V.P wants to talk to me about it so she can get it back so I agree. I tell him it is fine to give it back to her and that I will take care of it. When she gets home I ask for the phone and I take it since she didn't follow the rules. And that is when the world ended. Teenage girls are so full of drama. CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think I fixed it!

Lora said...

I text during class and I'm an adult in college. It's so tempting when you're bored. I hope you give her another chance! I'm not looking forward to my daughter's teenage years. She's already a drama queen. Gotta love those kids!

Mike and Tonia said...

Those are the days I'm not looking forward to. Jercie's world ends on a daily basis already!!