Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snow Snow and yes more Snow

Well I woke up this morning to you guessed it more snow. So what did I do you might ask? Well I went right back to bed and covered my head with the covers. Well until I knew I had to get out to start the day. Snow on Christmas day is one exception I have though. Well this year was a different story. We had so much snow we couldn't go anywhere. And to make matters worse the power went out. ALL DAY! So we were stuck in a cold dark house until we finally decided to brave the roads and went to get gas for the generator. We got back with the gas started the generator, rigged up the heater so we could get warm, brought down some food to start cooking and low and behold the power comes back on. It wasn't even 30 minutes after we got back with the gas. If I would have known that was what would bring the power back on I wouldn't have waited so long. Above are two pictures from outside my front door on Christmas day.

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