Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dustin Lewis

Here is my friend Dustin. He is the biggest goofball of us all. He is not afraid to "let his hair down" and have a good time. Like I mentioned before he will make you smile the minute he walks into the door. Now let me explain to you how we met.
It was a cold winter day.......HaHa just kidding. One Thursday while I was working at the lodge he came in to get a room for the weekend. He is in the Navy and works out on an island which means he is always looking for a quiet place to just get away during his time off. Well Charla living with me at the time was single. He's a cute guy so I said hey if you are not doing anything later tonight why don't you come by and have some drinks with us. Not thinking he would we went on with our night. To our surprise we heard a knock on the door. And guess who it was?? Yup Dustin. Since that day we have all been inseparable.  He actually lives with us on the weekends so that he has a home away from the island.
Dustin is the type of guy that can make you smile when you are having a bad day. He is a great shoulder to cry on and will listen when you just need to vent. Clint and I both are so happy to have him in our lives and know we would not be the same without him. Thanks Dustin for...Well... Being YOU! Love you Always! XOXO

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